Africa : How do we really see Africa

Okay!! I dont know If I have become extremely observant or if talks about Africa are just a little more offensive to me nowadays but for the past few days I have noticed; the way others see Africa is as a result of the way people potray it. Today I was watching an episode of “Samantha Who”(Good show, don’t; think they show it anymore but you should watch it if you have not) and  Samantha wanted to go to Africa, Samantha’s mum: Don’t go to Africa, you’ll die there. Her doctor brought out 10 different shots for malaria, hepatisis B e.t.c. He told her all the horrible things about Africa about Lions and tigers running around and then, the one that gets me; Her boyfriend wanted to go look for her in ‘Africa’ (he did not know what country she was in) but somehow he was going to take a plane down to “Africa” and expect to find her, why do some of these Americans think Africa is a country again?? No geography classes?? I thought so…Also, Today I was watching a show with my little cousin “little einsteins” and then they flew to “Africa”(it’s an animated show/cartoon) and all they showed was grass and lions and cheetahs..woo they are in Africa.Then I’m wondering how people have all these ideas about Africa?? woo they grew up with it. The media fed them with it, when all they see about Africa is starving children, I hear a lot of Americans say “Hey! don’t waste that food, children in Africa need that ” it’s like a  Catch Phrase now; Like….They make it seem like everyone in Africa is poor and starving,Yes we have the bad but we have the good. If all the charity programs they have been doing for like 10 years is really working, then how many African children all grown up now actually taken care say “those white people really took care of us”. Until the World stops treating Africa like a charity case,  how then is the image going to change? Are we their dogs that they hand out bones to? No!! We don’t need your bones. NO! Everyone in Africa does not live in a mud house and have Lions or Monkeys as their pets or brothers/sisters. My roommate was surprised to hear I have had my laptop for years, she expected her African Roommate to be a starving child from Africa :). A guy I met asked me if I knew how to use a cell phone and yes he demonstrated this “technology” cell phone to me (Oh! was I amazed…no not really, because we have cellphones in Africa too and I know how to use one)

PS: “This is my first ever blog post, I am not sure if it makes sense or if I properly expressed myself but with time; it’ll get better (I hope)” but then again if it doesn’t, blogging is not for everyone